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Remarks Made by Yan Bangping from ARROW Home Group on 315: Ingenuity, Quality and Re-upgraded Service

2020-03-13 17:05

With the development of the economic society, consumers’ awareness of right protection has been increasingly enhanced. The “3.15 World Consumer Rights Day” activity has further become the focus that arouses extensive attention of the social public. For quality and service, we made an interview with Yan Bangping, vice general manager of ARROW Home Group to discuss about how to optimize quality and service standards to make great top quality changes.


Brilliant View:

1.Service is not an isolated system, so the construction and operation of the service system must be combined into a company’s overall system for integrated consideration.

2.To explore new requirements of consumers for quality, a company must strengthen the optimization and integration of product research and development systems and improve the ability to test its products.

3.The marketization of service orientation will be the industrial trend.

Q: The young consumer groups mainly consisting of post-80s and 90s generations are emerging, and they focus more on product quality and service experience. What new requirements do they propose to ARROW Home Group?

Yan Bangping: In terms of quality, in addition to their focus on the utility and service life of traditional products, more consumers start to show their positive concern for our Company’s appearance, design, product quality, environmental friendliness, products’ water efficiency (energy efficiency), safety and comfort and other aspects.

However, with regard to service, on the one hand, it aims to achieve the mobile and real-time operation of service, and service requires to be transferred from the PC terminal to the mobile terminal, and from passive waiting for repair to active door-to-door repair, which ensures that customers’ appeal will be resolved in a real-time manner; and on the other hand, service visualization will be achieved. Users hope that brand dealers will provide visualized service support by micro videos, picture sharing and other online forms to increase the efficiency of service self-help.

Q: How does ARROW Home Group deal with customers’ new requirements for quality and service? What achievements have been made in quality and service over the past year, and what problems did it come across?

Yan Bangping:In terms of quality, ARROW Home Group has strengthened the optimization and integration of research and development of various products and improved the ability to test the products at the level of the Group since last year. For example, in 2019, three brands of toilet products of the Group actively responded to the “water efficiency leader” promoted by corresponding ministries and commissions of the State, with 12 models having entered the product announcement taking the lead in the industry; meanwhile, the CNAS certification of the Group’s Center Laboratory is the embodiment of the ARROW Group’s constant pursuit of quality.

In terms of service, we actively adapt to new demands of younger consumers, and there has been a set of powerful online customer service information system. By providing users with multi-channel online services, including WeChat, we require nationwide service engineers to complete task undertaking over mobile phone APP, and provide various self-service resources, including micro videos, so as to achieve transparent visualization in the full course of service and upgrading of user experience.

Currently, the major problem we come across in service is the contradiction between increasing service demands of consumers and limited service supply by industrial service technician teams. We are constantly speeding up service upgrading to match increasing service demands of consumers.

Q: Why does ARROW Home Group specially establish an after-sale company? Is it the trend in the future industry?

Yan Bangping:With the development of e-commerce service, products sold by means of e-commerce have surpassed the scope of areas covered by traditional offline channels, which is a great challenge to the traditional service delivery system depending on offline dealers. The establishment of a professional service company is the necessary action for e-commerce service that are expanding continuously.

Based on such a realistic demand, ARROW Home Group established its customer service company in January 2019 expecting to marketize customer service, and to improve the overall operation efficiency of ARROW Home by internal marketization operation, to give full play to the synergistic effect of three brands over the background service supply chains to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Service orientation marketization will be an industrial trend, so in the future more enterprises will understand the strategic position of service departments from the perspective of long-term benefits of markets and brands to orientate service functionality from the perspective of markets.

Q: ARROW Home Group has also built its standard system for customer service. In terms of the service system, which experiences can be shared? And which aspects should be improved?

Yan Bangping:In the construction of the service system, it is required to fully recognize that service is not an isolated system, and the construction and operation of the service system must be combined into the Company’s overall system for integrated consideration. We have proposed a concept of “service prepositioning”, which means that product service must be prepared in advance, and in the product planning phase, service departments must be involved. In all life cycles of products in corporate planning, appraisal, batch production, marketing, installation and repairs, service departments will have corresponding preparatory work to do. In our service system, we have established such a department to ensure that all kinds of service preparations can be finalized. Of course, the final execution of our current service standards, improvement of the customer comment feedback system as well as the dominance of service spread can be done better.

Q: As a head of the Company that takes the lead in quality and service in the industry, what do you think is the key to better quality and service in a ceramic bathroom enterprise?

Yan Bangping:First of all, an enterprise must have a strong awareness of quality and service. In terms of awareness, an enterprise must attach importance to users, quality and service, and is really willing to make due efforts to do it well steadfastly and improve quality and service to a corporate strategic position; secondly, it must have adequate investment in resources, and an enterprise must have adequate investment and support in respect of its mechanisms and resource guarantee, which can result in a good job; and finally, an enterprise must build a professional talent team that may match it, and establish a set of effective management motivation mechanism.

Q: What plans and actions will ARROW Home have in the optimization of quality and service?

Yan Bangping:In 2020, ARROW Home Group will have plans for the optimization of quality mainly in the following aspects: The first is to continue to improve the construction of the Group’s experiment and inspection system; the second is to prepare to build the Group’s Product Experience Center from the perspective of consumers; the third is to further improve and finalize the Company’s relevant standards and optimization of the quality management system and quality information system, and the fourth is to vigorously foster and introduce management and technical talents.

And service upgrading is mainly embodied in the following five aspects:

The first is the upgrading of user experience. By providing users with online services in multiple channels and achieving transparent visualization of the entire service process, an upgrade of user experience is achieved;

The second is service image upgrading to build a unified service image visual system: By uniform engineer service badges, uniform door-to-door service fixtures, uniform service tool cases,uniform service car VI image, etc, to convey to users our professional brand image;

The third is service quality upgrading. By building a top quality service standard system and a powerful IT information system, we will achieve digital management in the full course of service as well as totally covered service comments to promote the upgrading of service quality as a whole.

The fourth is the upgrading of dealer service operation efficiency. The service operation standard of dealers will have effect on our service delivery efficiency. We will achieve the upgrading of nationwide dealer service operation efficiency and service delivery ability by providing dealers with continuous technical and management empowerment.

The fifth is the upgrading of intrinsic value of service. We will strengthen the collection of user VOC and quantitative analysis of product repairs to drive continuous upgrading of product users’ experience and quality performance so as to enhance the competence of products.