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Founded in Foshan, Guangdong in 1994, and with “ARROW Home Living Intelligence” as its brand proposition, ARROW is an integrated high-end home brand of financial strength and influence in the world as well as one of large-scale manufacturing and selling enterprises in China.

ARROW Home Group starts from sanitary ceramics. Since 1998, it has started to manufacture bathtubs and shower rooms; since 2005, it has been involved in bathroom cabinets, and since 2006, it has independently developed and manufactured plumbing hardware, including faucets, showers, hardware pedants and other products; since 2006, it has also been involved in sensors, intelligent toilets and other fields. In 2007, to cater for the fashion of home decoration, and to enable ceramic tiles to totally match bathroom products, ARROW has opened up the road to the construction of ceramic tile varieties. ARROW Cupboard was founded in 2010 followed by the establishment of ARROW Home Furnishing in 2012, which marks the entry of ARROW Home into the “Great Home Era” and the “Customization Era”. ARROW Home Furnishing covers such multiple space fields as parlors, studies, bedrooms, restaurants, etc providing consumers with one-stop overall solutions to Smart Home.
    In the future, ARROW will carry forward the “improvement of people’s bathroom living quality” and “innovation of people’s intelligence living space” as the core value forging ahead towards the vision of becoming an internationally top smart home brand.

    • 10

      production bases
      (with 2 under construction)

    • 500

      choice supplier by
      Top 500 real estate enterprises

    • 7000+

      nationwide sales outlets

    • 5000+

      service teams

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Core technology of ARROW Home

It keeps pace with the trend of intelligent technology, strengthens the reserve of innovative technology, and builds the smart home ecology.

  • Smart integrated cores
    Extraordinary cores create extraordinary shapes. ARROW’s seventh generation of integrated cores achieve aesthetic perception with science and technology.
    Nearly 30 national technical patents and brand new black technology integration allow the thinness to be of more connotations.
  • Intelligent linkage magic mirror
    The smart magic mirror performs precision screen touch and connection of parallel space of the mirror. You can enjoy private and safe experience like schedule management, health management and interface settings. It serves as your healthy life housekeeper and gives you a better life experience.
  • The brand new third generation
    Constant temperature water path memory alloy valve cores
    With completely new upgraded warmth protection, it is safe and scald resistant providing your family with care at 40℃ constant temperature. There is no fear of sediment impurities, and it is adaptable to a variety of water heaters.
  • ARROW Composite Light Texture Tiles   A New Generation of Slate Craftsmanship
    Known for pressure-resistance, wearability and anti-bacterial properties,ARROW makes the space higienic and healthy.
    Boasting their delicate textures, the tiles appear so pure and clear entirely.
    The composite light texture tiles are fine-textured, natual and coordinated.

ARROW Home new product release

With the brilliant quality and the worldwide choice, ARROW becomes well-known to the world.