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Global Master of Smart Home? What information has ARROW Home Group released online?

2020-04-30 12:48

Since 1979 onwards, consumption, investment and netexport plays there respective leading roles alternately in different phases ofeconomic development in China. For the consecutive forty years, the GDP hasbeen maintaining rapid growth. However, with great changes in the supply anddemand structure in China, the economy in China goes from shortage to surplus.

Currently, the world isin the period of transformation when the international trade order is reshapedand a new round of industrial revolution is emerging. The industrial patternthat lasts 100 years is now encountering a critical period. Native brands inChina are launching challenge against international brands. How will brands ofthe manufacturing industry rise in the new round of industrial revolution? Thefuture corporate strategy and growth seems to be exceptionally important.

The Group’s official website comes online quietly tostart the brand new strategic deployment

Lately, kitchen wareinformation finds that the official website of ARROW Home Group has been onlineon a brand new basis.

A brand newdemonstration way is used for the new official website. The blue earth coveringa land area of 149 million square kilometers and an ocean area of 361 millionsquare kilometers appears at the homepage, with its back as 7.7 billion peopleof different kinds of skin and different nationalities, including more than 400million Chinese families. The “Global Master of Smart Home” has been positionedin a brand new manner adding more elements to “technology, future andopenness”, which does not only demonstrate profound details of ARROW HomeGroup, but also its encouragement to perform constant exploration andinnovation.

The new officialwebsite focuses more on the strategic blueprint of the Group’s industrialdevelopment, and sorted and constructed again the business development of ARROWHome Group for 26 years, which fully demonstrates the corporate slogan of ARROWHome Group as “Smart Home, Global Application”. It insists on the corporatecore value as “to provide solutions to global smart home demands, and toimprove people’s smart home life quality as well as the determination andconfidence in the Group’s strategic transformation.

Based on the “international,intelligent and technological" design style, ARROW Home Group’s officialwebsite is the integration of wide video background, H5 dynamic specialeffects, core data increment and other digital display technologies, which integratethe contents in the Group's ecological layout such as news, technology,products, cases, corporate responsibility, etc making columns and content moreexpressive, thus having improved the overall visual impact so as to be of moredesign and digital characteristics to the extent that they will vividlyannotate scientific and technological empowerment and international layout ofARROW Home Group, and the everlasting humanism since the establishment of thebrands. Mu Boyun, brand director of ARROW Home Group, said that as one of themajor approaches to brand image reshaping, a company’s official website is animportant window for external brand display. The digital official website of ARROWHome Group allows the “intelligent and technological” concept expressed by thebrands to be more abstract so that consumers will recognize information andoverall image conveyed by brands by their visual senses so as to improve theidentification of brands.

Pushing forward Digital Transformation and InnovatingValues with Internationalized Vision

With the development upto now, China’s home enterprises have advanced together in scales withtransnational enterprises. Moreover, their core technologies become moreinnovative and mature. From the perspective of market terminals, consumption ofceramic sanitary ware products become more self-confident, rich, mature andready to try something new, while demands have entered the phase of high-end,personalized and intelligent customized demands. The industry has stepped intothe user-driven era from the product-driven period. The differentialorientation of different brands and product individualization becomes more andmore difficult to be identified.

Meanwhile, industry 4.0is surging forward, and loT, Cloud service and big data are breaking throughfences of many industries, so the industrial transformation and upgradingenters the critical period. Whether an enterprise can keep pace with the times,and can perform timely and overall check and adjust its own developmentstrategy seems very important.

Internationalizationbecomes the general trend of open market, while digital transformation is thecore driving force for digital economy. At this moment, ARROW Home Group is thefirst to release information, which is the signal that the home industry isextended from the traditional enterprise to the big smart home field.

Research findings showthat for every rise in digital degree by 10%, the per capita GDP increases by0.5% to 0.62%, which coincides with the core value of ARROW as “improvement ofpeople’s living quality of sanitary wares and innovation of people’s smart lifespace”. And to ensure market service using digital measures can also lay asolid foundation for current enterprises to cope with the present or futurechallenges. Digitalization will bring new space for high quality development tothe Group’s internationalized industrial chain, and is expected to bring “brandsamples” and “brand solutions” for the industry in the near future.

Profound transformationmust be controlled from core products, research, development and outlets. ZhangXuezhi, an experienced consultant in the industry, has been for long studyingthe development trajectory of leading enterprises in the bathroom industry. Hesays that in the early period of industrial development, market competition isinadequate, and business development focuses on manufacturing and outlets. Bybrand strategies, ARROW Home has seized the “rare terminal store resources”,which has most probably increased its “outlet densitychanneldensity” so as to increase distribution efficiency and achieverapid business development and maximization of values.

However, in the fullycompetitive markets, ARROW Home Group can apply marketing resources by thebrand strategy as “corporate brand + product brand”, which increases theefficiency of brand spread to constantly increase brand asset values to empowersales realization.

For ARROW Home Groupand other traditional enterprises, the completion of primary transformation isthe linked process. First of all, it is required to specify objects oftransformation before we can perform a backward push transformation by takingadvantage of emerging technologies.

Since its establishment for 26 years, strategies drivehigh quality development

Ever since,nongovernmental economy in Guangdong Province has been an important supportingforce. From January to November 2019, nongovernmental industrial enterprisesabove designated size in Guangdong Province achieved additional value at theyear-on-year growth rate of 7.4%, with a further increase in the contributionrate of additional value growth of the industry above designated size in theprovince.

Except the famous“Shunde Mode” for nongovernmental economy in Guangdong Province, we should notforget the ceramic tribe represented by the “Shiwan Mode” . The first lot ofnongovernmental enterprises of ceramic sanitary wares in China emerged here,and they have defeated the then booming state-owned enterprises and have beendeveloped in a flourishing manner up to now.

When there werenumerous state-owned enterprises, ARROW was a very unimportant force. With helpof its price strategy, ARROW’s one-piece toilets have covered the entireindustry very quickly.

26 years later, the thenunexpected winner has now become a very important  national sanitary ware enterprise in theindustry, and is determined to be a smart home group that takes the lead in theworld. Now, ARROW Home Group boasts ten production and manufacturing bases in Lecongof Shunde, Zhaoqing, Shaoguan, Jingdezhen, Dezhou, Yingcheng and other placescovering an area of more than 6000 mu, with nearly 10000 brand franchise storesin the country; moreover, it has 8 laboratories with a total investment of RMB15million, 888 licensed patents, and powerful experimental capabilities withmultiple functions. On April 10, 2018, upon approval by China Institute ofstandardization, it became one of the first lot of laboratories filed withwater efficiency marks of toilets; in 2006, it joined efforts with TsinghuaUniversity in the establishment of Product Design and R&D Center to jointlystudy the application of ergonomics to product design; in 2015, it became thebrand of sanitary wares and ceramic tiles designated by China Pavilion at ExpoMilan; in 2017, it established Research Institute of ARROW Home GroupIntelligence Center, which focused on the research and development of smarthome. By independent design and development, it has mastered core technology inthe manufacture of smart home, carry out product layout on the basis ofintelligence and customization to build the smart home ecological chain; in2019, it was chosen by the State again to be the designated ceramic sanitary waresupplier for China Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, and stood on the internationalstage for and on behalf of China's intelligent manufacturing force, thus havingmade its strategic start for global layout.

In the transformationof ARROW Home Group to the global master of smart home, intelligence andmultiple varieties are the orientation of transformation aiming to be theworld’s leading group of smart home.

“Internet + Industry” must be the foundationfor the sustainable development of the future economic society, which meansthat an enterprise must be more responsible before it can lead the industry,and push forward the healthy development of the industry. And now, it is thecritical period to testify whether an enterprise can cater for the globaldevelopment trend and take the lead in the industry.

ARROW Home Grouprepresents the good orientation of the high quality development ofnongovernmental enterprises in Guangdong Province at a high speed. It is thereflection of the good spirit of the leader Xie Yuerong in daring to makeprogress and hard work. Running an enterprise does not only need a great numberof data and market feedback, but also it needs the intuition and insight of theleader.

The listing of Alibabais called the acute perception of financial crises by Ma Yun. Then, ever since,for a series of actions in the fields such as ceramic tiles, cupboards andcustomized furniture involved in by ARROW Home, Yu Zhenrong, founder of KitchenWare Information highly appraised of Xie Yuerong and his enterprise.“Popularity, basing in brand influence of sanitary ceramics; pragmatism andprogressiveness, simple corporate culture keeping pace with the times;personality of smartness, frankness and popular confidence are magic keys tothe victory made ARROW Home markets. Just as a celebrity from the industrysays, “The decision made by Xie Yuerong caters for the times. ARROW Home Groupis expected to be a leading enterprise in the industry.

Remarkswritten by Yu Zhenrong