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About Us

Brand vision

Become the world’s leading smart home group

Base itself in China and orientate towards the world
Layout all ecology of smart home
Release diverse intelligent power of ARROW Home Group from the interior to the exterior
Innovative construction of the world’s leading products made in China
Dedicated to “becoming the world’s leading smart home group

Brand value

To improve of people’s life quality of smart home

Since its establishment
ARROW Home has been
Dedicated to the “improvement of people’s life quality of bathrooms”
To improve people’s home happiness with quality and improvement of value
And it insists on doing so during changes in the brand for decades
Now, from bathroom space to overall smart home space
ARROW Home takes water saving, cleanliness, intelligence and quality as core objective
And it focuses on healthy life quality, and carries forward high humanistic care
To build more comfortable bathroom life experience for consumers

Provision of solutions for global Smart Home demands

ARROW Home innovates people’s life space with diverse intelligence
From human intelligence, design intelligence and manufacturing intelligence
to intelligent technology
It focuses on scientific and technological innovation and is devoted to
technical research and development
And with diverse home varieties such as bathrooms, ceramic tiles and customized homes
It provides innovative products and services beyond traditions
And provides solutions to consumers’ demands for smart homes
So that more families will experience unlimited future of smart life